Origin and meaning of the Logo

The Logo of the Triennial Meeting was inspired by the symbol of Vilnius city on the famous map of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, which was commissioned by Nicholas Christopher Radziwill, the Orphan (1549-1616), drawn by cartographer Tomasz Makowski (1575-1630) and printed in Amsterdam in 1613.

Four important symbols are depicted above the red city roofs and towers, while the Grand Duke’s crown indicates the location of the ruler’s residence. The Roman Catholic ritual bishop’s mitre and Greek Orthodox ritual bishop’s hat symbolise the various religions that were followed here – one of the main indicators of multiculturalism. The lily blossom serves as a symbol of the grandeur and importance of the city of Vilnius.

Logo was designed by our colleagues from the Pranas Gudynas Restoration Centre: Vilma Šileikienė, Paulius Zovė and Ramūnas Musteikis.